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Merges are arguably one of the more difficult items to build in your turbo system. The ShearerFab team has taken just about all the hard work out of building a max effort T6 merge. This Merge is based on a billet stainless flange cut from 1" thick stock with built in transitional  geometry to ensure smooth flow into the turbine and to keep exhaust drive energy very high.

These are available in three different configurations as listed below... TUBES ARE NOT PROVIDED WITH ANY IF THEM 

  1. The standalone flange. Tubing or trace fixture not included.
  2. The "DIY Kit". This includes the flange and a 3d printed trace fixture to cut your own tubing. All you need to do is trace the cut lines, cut the tube and weld it up! Tubing is not included.
  3. The Trace Fixture is available to purchase separately.

These were built for max effort high horsepower single turbo cars where the standard billet dual 3" T6 will become a restriction.


  • Dual 3" tubing inlet.
  • T6 Open outlet.
  • CNC machined Stainless Steel Flange
  • Machined recesses to ease tube alignment and make welding easier. 
  • Threaded 3/8"-16 mounting holes for your turbo.
  • Smooth transitional surfaces to the T6 opening
  • Flat surface after welding