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Looking for a high powered ignition system? These coils are designed to put out 103 mJ per spark, with a longer spark duration (2.9 ms) than what you’d see with a capacitive discharge. A 19 amp IGBT ignitor is built in. They can be driven with a 5 volt logic level output –  Maximum recommended duty cycle is 40%.

The connector and pins are included!

Here is the connector pinout:

A – Ignition signal from ECU

B – Logic ground, connect to ECU ground

C – Spark wire ground, connect to cylinder head

D – Power ground, connect to battery negative

E – 12 volt power

The coil dwell starts when a 5 volt signal is applied to pin A, and the coil fires when the voltage drops to zero. The signal is similar to an LSx coil, although it does need a bit more current to trigger than the LSx coils.

Coil specs:

Minimum voltage output (no load, at recommended dwell): 40,000 volts

Output energy: 103 mJ

Spark duration: 2.9 ms

Primary resistance: 0.5 ohms (not directly measurable)

Primary inductance: 4.8 mH (not directly measurable)

Secondary resistance: 8,500 ohms

Secondary inductance: 22.5 H

Turns ratio: 71.1

Maximum current: 19 amps

Maximum battery voltage: 17 volts

Nominal dwell: 3.0 ms

These are very solid, robust coils that will do well for you if dwell is set up correctly.  However, they can be killed by excessive dwell or duty cycle.  As they are race coils, the manufacturer does not provide a warranty.