Running Battery Cables Through the Firewall Just Got Easier

Running Battery Cables Through the Firewall Just Got Easier

Feeding battery cables through your car’s firewall can be a real pain! Unused pass-through holes, thick rubber grommet and similar methods all feel like mediocre attempts to get the job done.

The good news is that there is a simpler way to run battery cables through the firewall-

Passing wires into the engine compartment or into the car’s trunk in a clean and professional way can be done with our Radlock Connector kits.

How Radlock Connector Kits Work

Looking at standard cable connectors we realized that they weren’t as effective and easy to use as they could be so we modified the standard Amphenol feed thru connectors a bit and packaged them as Radlok connector kits. 

Type A and Type B Radlock Connectors

Radlock Connector kits come in two types,  Type A and Type B.

Both types come with a template and stainless fasteners to get all your holes lined up when you punch them into the firewall. In between the template you will find a rubber seal that protects and seals the firewall.

In the Type A Radlok Connector kits, one side of the connector has a threaded stud with a crimp-type battery cable lug, while the other side has a quick-release Radlok. This combination of a crimp style cable lug and a quick-release allows for a additional items to be connected to the stud side essentially used as a junction stud. Similarly, you can disconnect the cables anytime with just a push of the quick-release button.

Type B kit is simply a radlok to radlok connector.

One of the benefits of Type A kit over Type B kit is that you can use its thread stud as a stud junction.

With Radlock battery cable bulkhead connectors, you can easily connect wires of most sizes, 00, 0, 2 and even 4 gauge, and save yourself some of the hassle of running cables through your car’s firewall.

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