Maven Speed Billet Throttle Cable Bracket: 3-way Adjustable Bracket for 4150/4500-Type Flanges

The Maven Speed billet throttle cable bracket has been designed to meet the needs of people running an intake manifold with a 4150 or 4500-type flange on the top—like a carburetor type flange and using a 90-degree elbow with a single throttle body. The throttle bracket has a really nice CID intake manifold and you get the Wilson billet elbow with the V-band type clamp to the 123-millimeter throttle body. The bracket for 4150 is very similar to the bracket for 4500 as you also get the same stand and the retainer. The only thing that's different in the two versions is the base itself.


The bracket has a wide base only for 4500as compared to a standard base that fits both 4150 and 4500 flange. There's a series of holes, including those that allow you to move the stand back and forth. Then, of course on the retainer, it swivels and pivots to be able to get that alignment with the throttle body lever. Get that cable so you don't have too much bend or a kink in it. The throttle cable bracket elbow assembly is all mounted up to the base. Again, the bolts just go right through the base and the throttle body elbow itself. There's equal distance on each side to the end.

Cable Selection

Depending on your application, you can use a cable that has a ball and socket type of an end on it. You might need a little bit bigger diameter threaded quarter 28 type of a bolt that goes into it. You can also opt for the HAN joint- type, vertical rod end cables, which can actually help you keep the cable a little closer to the actuator on the throttle blade itself. The throttle cable bracket 4150 has also got a threaded portion on the lever as well. Remove the nut; slide the cable itself through the little slot and the retainer. Tighten it up with a wrench and then you can connect your cable end to lever arm on the throttle.

One of the trickiest things to do here and the most common question people ask is regarding how to make the cable pull the lever on correctly. The cable is actually quite in line with where the point of connection is. It's not going to pull the lever over very well at all. It can be done; however, it’s a hassle. So, what you want to do is take the axis of your cable and go perpendicular to it. You want to try and get as close to about 45 degrees on either side. It doesn't have to be exact but the closer you get to it, the better.

One thing to keep in mind is you can go ahead and connect your throttle turn spring to either of the tools or spots that you can use. You can either do that or connect something to a part of the base. There are a couple of holes you can work with, and the bracket gives you multiple options to meet the requirements of having multiple throttle return springs.

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